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Wooden Farm Animal Set

Our price: £ 10.00
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3 or more of the same colour are just £9.5 each
10 or more of the same colour are just £9 each

Wooden Farm Animal Set designed for use with Agricola.
These agriculturally based farm animals include:

25 white sheep (15 mm each in size)
20 black pigs (15 mm)
15 brown cows (16 mm)

Designed by Mayday Games to be used with games such as Agricola, Carcassonne, El Grande, Settlers of Catan or even use the sheep in place of Coal on Powergrid. Yes burn sheep to fuel your factories! I'm sure you can think of other games to use them in.

We are delighted to be Mayday Games UK Distributor for these.

Brand: Mayday Games
Part number: MDG7025

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