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Stone Age Deluxe Token Set (including one pack of euro sleeves)


Stone Age Deluxe Euro Tokens with 1 pack of euro sleeves.
Are you sick of the nice components for everything and then cheap cardboard chits for food? Well bring your Stone Age out of the Paleozoic Era and into the Mesozoic Era with this comprehensive set! Here's what you're getting:

1) MORE RESOURCES: 10 more of each! Yes 40 tokens in all! Here is what you are getting:

-10 Wooden Wood Tokens
-10 Wooden Brick Tokens
-10 Wooden Stone Tokens
-10 Wooden Gold Tokens

Never run out of resouces again just because your brother is hoarding all the wood! The rules state that resources are unlimited so don't run out!

2) FOOD TOKENS! You can now use quality wooden tokens for your food supply! Here is what you are getting:

-Replace the 10 brown cardboard marker with MEAT! Yes 10 Meat Tokens worth 100 food.
-Replace the 5 Fish cardboard markers with quality wooden fish tokens! 15 Fish tokens means fish tokens worth 75 food.

-Replace the 1 and 2 Berry and Mushroom cardboard markers with 25 wooden grain markers! Each Grain is worth 1 food, giving you another 25 food worth of grain tokens.

These 50 tokens are worth 200 food! Get rid of the cardboard!

3) A pack of 100 card sleeves to protect your cards

We are delighted to be Mayday Games UK Distributor of these.

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